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Empowering Dreams: RiDA Mahnisyal’s Exposure Visit to Multan Arts Council

November 11, 2023, the students of RIDA Mahnisyal arrived on a exposure visit to Multan. The occasion was graced by the presence of Mr. Zafar Iqbal, Chairman of The NGO World Foundation, who extended a warm welcome to the students and staff at the prestigious Multan Arts Council. A graceful ceremony unfolded, under Mr. Iqbal’s chairmanship, where awards were bestowed upon extraordinary achievers among the students, and recognition was given to the best-performing teachers. Adding to the dignity of the event, Mr. Sajjad Jahania, Director of Multan Arts Council, graced the ceremony with his presence and shared insightful remarks with the participants. This ceremony not only celebrated achievements but also served as a platform for inspiration and encouragement.
In this momentous gathering, the achievements and talents of both students and educators were acknowledged, fostering a sense of pride and motivation. It was a testament to the dedication and impact of RIDA Mahnisyal in shaping not just academic success but also nurturing a holistic environment that recognizes and celebrates the potential within each individual. The exposure visit to Multan Arts Council served as a remarkable chapter in the ongoing journey of RIDA Education Centre Mahnisyal, further reinforcing its commitment to empowering the future leaders of society through education and skill development.

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