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COVID-19 Awareness Camp by TNW; Deputy Commissioner Sensitized the Citizens about the Situation.

May 10, Khanewal: A camp has been set up by The NGO World at Girls College Chowk in Khanewal in connection with the Corona Rescue Awareness Campaign. Officials of The NGO World Foundation briefed the general public on the precautionary measures and restrictions on SOPs. Lieutenant Uzair Ahmed, Member District Steering Committee Malik Masood Chauhan, Dr. Akhtar Hussain, Mr. Rao Ijaz Ahmed, Senior Journalist Imtiaz Ali Asad, Mr. Tahir Naseem, Mr. Nadeem Mughal and a large number of Tiger Force soldiers were also present in the camp Pir Zainul Abidin, former District Bar President Azhar Abbas Khan, Ms Shamail Shah and other social figures also paid special visits.
Deputy Commissioner Khanewal Syed Agha Zaheer Abbas Shirazi and Assistant Commissioner Khanewal Bakhtiar Ismail visited the camp separately and sensitized the citizens about the situation in Corona, distributed pamphlets and masks, and directed the people to stay home on Eid holidays. They emphasized that Traders, transporters, citizens must ensure lockdown.
The Deputy Commissioner said: The role of The NGO World Foundation in social services is remarkable. In case of floods, any natural calamity, epidemic, or beautification of the city, The NGO World supported the district management.
Assistant Commissioner Khanewal Bakhtiar Ismail also appealed to the citizens on the occasion of his visit to stay at home and stay safe and take care of themselves and their loved ones. Care is life.

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