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Collaborative Commitment: The NGO World and American University Discuss Educational Initiatives

Islamabad, December 25, 2023 – In a significant development fostering collaboration and commitment to educational initiatives, Mr. Zafar Iqbal, Chairman of The NGO World Foundation, held a meeting with Dr. Ehab Al Shamy, Vice Chancellor of the American International Theism University in Florinda, USA. The distinguished guests visited The NGO World’s office in Islamabad, where they engaged in discussions about the pivotal role of education as a catalyst for change.

The meeting, marked by a spirit of cooperation, saw both leaders exchanging ideas on educational strategies and emphasizing the transformative impact education can have on communities. Dr. Al Shamy, accompanied by his spouse, expressed a keen interest in future collaborations between The NGO World Foundation and the American International Theism University.

The dialogue specifically highlighted areas of mutual interest, with a focus on leveraging education as a force for positive change. Both parties underscored their commitment to working hand-in-hand on educational projects that can make a lasting difference.

As education continues to be a global priority, the partnership between The NGO World Foundation and the American International Theism University signals a promising step towards creating meaningful impact and fostering positive change through collaborative efforts.

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