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Water is basic necessity of life but it is the dilemma of our society that a major chunk of our country’s population is deprived of clean and safe drinking water and according to reports of WHO, UNICEF, 50% beds of the hospitals are occupied by the patients affected by unsafe drinking water. Water and sanitation related diseases are responsible for 60% of the total number of child mortality cases in Pakistan, with diarrheal diseases estimated at killing over 200,000 under-five years’ children, every year. The combination of unsafe water consumption and poor hygiene practices causes hardship due to resultant high costing treatments for water borne illnesses and decreased working days.
Above figures are in normal conditions but present flood situation has made it worst. Here are some facts;

  • Flood has destroyed all available sources of clean and safe water (hand pumps, etc)
  • In the affected areas under ground water was not in much depth and flood water with all kind contaminants leached down and mixed with under ground water.

A safe rule to follow: Consider any area that came in contact with flood water unsafe until thoroughly dried, cleaned and disinfected properly. Water passing over submerged areas will pick up an unimaginable number of contaminants including, but not limited to, dangerous strains of bacteria and fecal matter from animals.

A recent report on water quality tests jointly undertaken by WHO and PCRWR for 1082 samples in Punjab revealed that 62% of the samples are bacteriologically contaminated which require water disinfection.

In districts Layyah and Muzaffargarh with support of WHO taking water samples and testing water quality (bacteriological test) to identify the areas with bacterial contaminated water, in the identified areas 1000 filters are being installed. We are also conducting awareness sessions about need and use of safe drinking water.

Promotion of Biosand Filter is core program of TNW. We provide trainings to individuals, organizations and institutions for construction and installation of these filters.

The Biosand Water Filter is an award-winning Canadian water filtration technology developed by Dr. David Manz, a former University of Calgary professor. Biosand Water Filters are an adaptation of slow-sand filtration, designed for use at the household level.

Overall, these studies have shown that the BioSand filter removes

  • More than 97% of E. coli – an indicator of fecal contamination (Duke, 2006; Stauber, 2006)
  • More than 99% of protozoa and helminthes (Palmateer, 1999)
  • 50-90% of organic and inorganic toxicants (Palmateer, 1999)
  • Most suspended sediments
  • May also remove some heavy metals (Muhammad, 1997; Collins, 1998)

Safe water produced by the BSF is free of discoloration, odor, and unpleasant taste, and can be used for drinking, food preparation, personal hygiene, and sanitation.

A bucket of contaminated water is poured into the top of the Biosand filter. The water simply flows through the filter and is collected in another storage container at the base of the spout. A biological layer (often called the bio-layer) develops at the sand surface. Pathogens and suspended material are removed through various physical and biological processes that occur in the bio-layer and sand.

One filter can provide on average 80-100 litters safe water that is sufficient for almost 02 families.
Scope of the work:

  • To create awareness about safe drinking water use, proper hygiene and sanitation.
  • To Prepare and install Bio-sand Water Filter units and installed in homes to have a sustainable access to safe drinking water.

Our resources about Bio-Sand Water Filter can be downloaded from here

BSF Manual

BSF & Health

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