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Better Cattle Farming at household Level; A Session at Barkat Project

Better Cattle Farming at household Level; A Session at Barkat Project

March 25, The NGO World (Barkat Project Team) organized an awareness session at Mouza Okaan Wala Tensil Kabir Wala District Khanewal for the household level livestock farmers who are actually project partners with Barkat. The session was arranged in collaboration with the Government Livestock Department Kabirwala.

The title of the session was “Better Livestock Forming” delivered with an objective “to share the techniques and procedures with the small farmers to save their animals from diseases and getting maximum profit out of their cattle”.

Dr. Sohail APVO Civil From veterinary hospital Kabirwala was invited to teach the audience about better livestock farming. He shared very useful information with the audience. He told different methods of cattle fattening to improve the health so that healthy bulls be provided on the eve of Eid Ul Adha. He explained that a farmer can improve his cattle health if they feed them with natural gross properly and can earn a healthy profit. He said that we should check our animals’ weight on daily basis or weekly with the weight type. If an animal is gaining 700 gm to 1kg then its health is good and if it is less than this then you should have to take extra care of their animal. We should inform the veterinary doctor at an early stage of the disease of the animals. Dr. Sohail particularly briefed the partners about Foot and Mouth disease and its vaccination time and how we can save our animals from this disease.

The farmer was given the opportunity to ask questions from Dr. Sohail about their farming issues and Dr. Sohail satisfied them with great patience and passion.

Before the session, he also visited the field area and examine the animals given by Barkat Project. He appreciated The NGO World and BARKAT project team who gave them a platform to deliver their knowledge to this community.

Team leader BARKAT project, Rana Tahir Saeed introduced the officials and the audience to other projects of The NGO WORLD including Barkat Interest-Free Loans and Barkat Ambulance.


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