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BARKAT - Prosperity with Dignity

A scheme/instrument i.e. – ethical alternative to poverty alleviation launched in 2012 with two main components;

  • Under a special kind of partnership, BARKAT provides the cattle (rabb-ul-maal) to the household level livestock Farmers (mudarib) as investment to improve their economic conditions through involvement in productive livestock activities. Both parties share profit and loss.
  • Under the Scheme, financial assistance is provided by way of Interest Free Loans with the aim to help the poor establish, or uplift their small scale businesses to support their living.

BARKAT keeps the strengths…Barkat- The NGO World Foundation

  • Once started; It is self-SUSTAINABLE
  • Develops a CHAIN of beneficiaries
  • Equally beneficial for WOMEN
  • COMPATIBLE with nature and values of rural communities
  • Farmers ADOPT it as a noble profession
  • Easy access to MARKET
  • PROFITABLE business and hobby
  • RECOVERY is 100%
  • CLIMATE FRIENDLY (Natural resource)
  • It can be started as SOCIAL ENTERPRISE
  • Has potential for EXPANSION & REPLICATION
  • Addresses various UN-Sustainable Development Goals-SDGs

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Barakat – Prosperity With Dignity

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