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"Barkat.Project" Takes Center Stage at 11th Islamic Economics Workshop in Turkiye

“Barkat.Project” Takes Center Stage at 11th Islamic Economics Workshop in Turkiye

We are delighted to announce that the Chairman of The NGO World Foundation, Mr. Zafar Iqbal has been extended an invitation to present the esteemed “Barkat Project” at the 11th Islamic Economics Workshop. This globally renowned event, organized by the Research Center for Islamic Economics (IKAM) in collaboration with the Turkish Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics Association (İGİAD) and Istanbul 29 Mayis University Economic and Financial Systems Application and Research Center (EFSAM), will take place from October 13th to 15th, 2024. The workshop’s overarching theme, “Islamic Economics and Environment,” underscores the critical intersection of economic principles and environmental sustainability. The Chairman’s presentation on the “Barkat” Project, with its focus on sustainable rural development and ethical initiatives, promises to be a significant contribution to the discussions on Islamic economics and its impact on the environment. Stay tuned for updates on this prestigious event and the valuable insights to be shared by The NGO World’s Chairman.

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