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Baraka Project

Baraka, also barakah, in Arabic Islam and Arabic-influenced languages such as , UrduPersianTurkish,
a blessing from God)

Overall goal of the project is poverty alleviation from target families through livestock.

“The NGO World” will provide domestic animals (goats, Cows, Calves) by signing an agreement with the poor beneficiary families based on specific set of term and conditions for different animals.  After the agreed period animals will be sold and profit will be divided between the beneficiary family and organization according to the terms & conditions of agreement signed. The beneficiary family will enjoy the benefit and hopefully its status will be improved and will not be zakat deserving after this. Organization will target other poor families and use this profit to uplift them.

About two third of the farming community in Pakistan consists of small farmers who are characterized by  small  land  holdings  (less  than  5 hectares)  and  by  several  factors that influence  their  productive  potential  and  income  generating  capacity  [Pakistan  (1998)].  Livestock farming is an integral part of rural smallholders and has a vast untapped potential for productivity increase and income generation. Livestock holdings by the small farmers constitute a significant portion of the farm incomes. Small farmers and landless livestock producers derive around 10–25 percent of their incomes from this sub‐sector. There have been and, largely, still are two primary purposes of raising livestock:

  • To meet the dietary needs of the rural and urban populace for milk and meat consumption; and
  • To fulfill the work performance requirements of the farm.
  • To generate hard cash and accomplish their immediate needs.

“The NGO World Foundation “has observed since the poverty alleviation efforts made by different organizations not showed any noticeable impact. In spite of all their sincere endeavors, theirs poverty alleviation tools and mechanism could not address poverty and inflation as such. However, Islamic banking and finance proved its inbuilt strength and shock bearing capacity particularly during the recent global financial crunch.  In this regard CGAP’S strategic move towards Islamic Microfinance turned the attention of the serious players of the sector towards Islamic Microfinance.  When we look around, we find a very innovative Islamic Microfinance organization leading the Islamic Microfinance sector with their innovative products, social performance oriented methodology and strong operational tools.  The organization named Farz Foundation is The First Shariah Certified Microfinance Institute of Pakistan and S&CP registered. The NGO World, visited Farz Foundation, discussed different aspects and decided to develop a partnership with Farz Foundation to hit the curse of poverty jointly. The NGO World has signed an MOU with Farz Foundation and started building the capacity of our staff, setting the tools, developing our systems and kicking of our operations by implementing Farz Islamic Microfinance Methodology through livestock.

Our main focus will be on:

  • Widows;
  • Marginalized, landless or with small landholding poor families;
  • Zakat deserving families;
  • Unemployed youth.

The project is being executed in different villages of uc Mahni Syal of districts Khanewal. This district is in center of Punjab province and suitable for livestock farming. People are involved from years with this sector. They love to be involved with this noble profession. Climatic conditions of this reign are very much favorable for livestock. Overall economic conditions of the majority are week and poverty situation is worse than other districts of province. Poor farmers are illiterate but they feel pride on having livestock as their asset. This area is easily accessible for big breeders of the province.

Additional support activities will also be part of the project for social development of target families like;

  1. Educational support to the schools going children of the target families
  2. Initiative for improvement of family health especially children and women
  3. Awareness raising interventions
  4. Economic uplift initiatives
  5. Skills enhancement
  6. Social welfare

  • It is self sustainable
  • It develops a chain of beneficiaries
  • It is conventional and well documented
  • Matches with the nature, values and civilization of the rural communities of Pakistan.
  • Community adopt it as a noble profession
  • Favorable climate and soil conditions
  • Easy access to markets
    •   It is also traditional and acceptable at global level
    •  The growth and the profitability is remarkable

The NGO World Partnership with Farz Foundation on Baraka Project

The NGO World Partnership with Farz Foundation on Baraka Project

Shriah certified Islamic Micro Finance Organization “Farz Foundation” is supporting us technically.

Farz Foundation is our partner in implementation of  the project according to the principals of islamic micro finance.

In this regard an agreement has already been signed between The NGO World Foundation and Farz Foundation.  According to the agreement “The NGO World Foundation” will provide funds with the support of Turkish philanthropist organization “Deniz Feneri”.

The Farz Foundation will provide Islamic Microfinance methodology to launch the operations. Farz Foundation will also provide Islamic Microfinance Institutional Development services while ensuring the Shariah Compliance process and procedures through out the project.

During the project cycle close coordination will be maintained with government livestock department and other relevant institutions & departments and organization for better delivery of services.

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