AMAZING PERSONS Empowering Differently A bled

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Globally, and in Pakistan, policy approaches to disability have largely been focused on rehabilitation, welfare handouts, and related charity. This has been changing since the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability (CRPD), which became operational in 2008. The CRPD offers a blueprint for a rights-based approach to mainstreaming persons with disabilities. Pakistan ratified the treaty in 2011, but progress around building an inclusive society has been slow. Persons with disabilities have difficulty exercising their civil and political rights, attending quality schools and finding gainful employment. This ultimately means that they are being excluded as productive members of society.
As TNW believes the rights of disable persons so all programs ensure the meaningful participation of disabled persons in every aspect of life TNW foundation under its core program “AMAZING PERSONS” aims to ensure meaningful participation of persons with different abilities in every part of life. TNW creates awareness to move away from a culture of sympathy/pity and shift to a rights-based approach, which recognizes that persons with disabilities should be empowered. Disability is a diversity that needs to be accepted.
Mainstreaming is a method of ensuring that persons with disabilities can participate on an equal basis in all services or activities intended for the general population, including education, health, employment and social services.

TNW objectives to mainstreaming disability in development include the following:
• Consultations with and participation of persons with disabilities and their representative organizations in the formulation, implementation and monitoring and evaluation of a national development plan or strategy.
• The inclusion and implementation of accessibility measures in all building codes.
• The availability of accessible teaching materials to all teachers, students, and schools.
• Providing Disability-Specific Policies, Programs, Initiatives to achieve the full inclusion and participation of persons with disabilities in development.
• Support for the capacity development of organizations of persons with disabilities.

“In Pakistan, estimates of the number of persons living with disabilities vary between 3.3m and 27m, depending on whether they are based on government statistics (the last census which measured the prevalence rates was taken in 1998) or whether they come from other agencies.”