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The NGO World has been established in 2009 as a platform clustering the Non-Governmental Organizations and their representatives willing to join hands in the field of social welfare, sustainable development and strengthening cooperation links within the sector. Since that It is involved in the number of projects aimed at strengthening networking…Read More

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It is not his choice to be brought up in filthy atmosphere. with bright eyes, ph.capabilities & suitable age. But no opportunity 4 edu & proper living conditions. #Who_is_Responsible as he is going to be addition to illiterate and undeserved segment of society?

Sports can entertain us, bring people together for some friendly competition, and it can also teach us lessons for everyday life. @SAFAReZAFAR
#SAvPAK🏏Congratulations @TheRealPCB & team🇵🇰 on winning #BetwayODISeries Brilliant @FakharZamanLive & @babarazam258 👏 #theNGOworld

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